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The Lake District

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Beauty, adventure, heritage, culture, cuisine. As far as holiday locations go the Lake District really does have it all: High mountains down to sandy beaches, ancient heritage sites to the latest modern attractions. The regions distinctive nature is virtue of its beautifully craggy hills tightly sewn together by an intricate web of lakes and rivers and studded with jewel-like tarns. They were formed millions of years ago, a distant ripple of the same tectonic movements that gave birth to the Alps and subsequently carved up by glaciers in the Ice Age.

The region was never truly subdued by the Romans who maintained a tenuous presence in the form of a series of Forts whose ruins can be visited. Generally avoided as a bleak and barren corner of the country to be seen from a far from the road to Scotland. In the Eighteenth Century its unique charms began to be appreciated and previously considered bleak fells became the object of ‘Picturesque’ pleasure seekers looking for a respite from the ever growing grot in the towns and cities of the Industrial Revolution.

It’s a modern day centre for those seeking adventure in the outdoors: Climbing, Canoeing, Sailing, Biking, Off-road driving, High Ropes Course, Paragliding… and relaxation: Walking, boat tours, galleries, restaurants, pubs, retail therapy, beaches, museums, cinemas, breweries and soon to be opened England’s first Single Malt Distillery.

A number of important industries were present in the region whose histories have left their mark on the Landscape. Be it quarried stone, coppiced bobbins, water-powered mills, mineral seeking mines, ship building, and prehistoric axe making. In fact the British Empire was dependent on Cumbrian Gun Powder, the finest in the land. Hydroelectricity, forestry and farming all shape the Lake District, a region etched with the centuries of humankind’s relationship with the land. A process that is closely followed in the many museums and attractions to be found.

Full Circle Activities

During your stay, why not treat yourself to a Full Circle adventure 'Experience' or a 'Wellness' session?
(also available to none-residents)

Packhorse Picnic, Adventure and Wellness Day
The Happy Ape
Meditate with Horses
Forest Bathing
Woodland Activities
Forage and Feast
Horse Trek Across Romania
Breath Work and Wild Swimming
Cacao Ceremony
Families Unplugged
Campervan Touring Around The Lake District
Cabin Glamping Accommodation
Yurt Glamping Accommodation
Wild Woman Nature Retreat

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